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Bumper Release May Day

Today is the May Day holiday here, which has given me some time to put together lots of library releases. Today sees the release of chp-2.2.0, chp-plus-1.3.0, chp-mtl-1.0.0 and chp-transformers-1.0.0 (and chp-spec-1.0.0). The main changes to the chp and chp-plus libraries are that the dependency on the mtl library has been removed. Thanks to all who commented on my original article about getting rid of mtl — Anders Kaseorg pointed out that if everyone defines their own MonadIO instances for CHP this could cause chaos, so I’ve adopted Dino Morelli’s suggestion and created the chp-mtl and chp-transformers libraries to contain the appropriate instances. So if you want a MonadIO instance use those — and if you don’t want that, just use the new liftIO_CHP :: IO a -> CHP a function that does the same thing. I’ll be discussing the only other major change to CHP — an instance of Alternative for the CHP monad — in a post later in the week.

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